The freshwater report has been discontinued. This has happened because we have not been able to find advertisers/sponsors willing to cover the time and effort required to compile the information any longer. In the past, Jim Matthews (who has done the report for years) had several big newspaper and on-line accounts that funded his time in the past, which allowed all 976-TUNA readers to access it free. But those newspaper and on-line accounts have cancelled their subscriptions to Matthews' weekly service in recent years, making it cost ineffective for hm to continue to compile the comprehensive information.

If you live in the High Desert or Bakersfield, there is still a very small version of the report published in the newspapers in those areas (covering only the waters in those regions). It runs in Friday editions of the newspapers in the desert.

This is a sign of the times.... The Internet is replacing newspapers, but no one is replacing the news and information once generated by newspapers' paid staffs.